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Defining Differences

Wichert Insurance

Wichert Insurance creates, builds and perpetuates agencies in concert with co-owners.

Key Wichert differences include

  • Wichert provides legal, financial, accounting, automation and insurance markets to group agencies without necessitating a majority equity interest.
  • Wichert provides all employees and support services to owners who are typically the resident principal or longtime previous owner.
  • Wichert performs all “back office” administrative functions at the home office leaving the local offices to focus on sales and customer service.
  • Agency owners maintain significant autonomy in the day-to-day activities of the agency.
  • Wichert provides the insurer contract and appointment with many leading insurers. Many contracts are on a preferred basis, giving individuals the clout and respect only found in larger agencies.
  • Wichert Insurance transactions have included retirements, estates, merging offices and the operation of an existing office. These transactions have been cash, cash plus retention, owner financing, bank financing, C-corps, S-corps, LLCs and retention-only plans.

Agency Perpetuation

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