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Social Services Insurance

You make the world a better place by doing more with less

It’s a concept all non-profits know all too well. At Wichert, the right amount of coverage is important and because we know and understand your industry and we work hard to help you achieve your goal.

Wichert Insurance Offers:

  • Risk Evaluation
  • Choice of Carriers
  • Specific Coverage for Non-Profit Organizations
    • Professional Liability
    • Abuse and Molestation
    • Directors and Officers
    • Employment Practices Liability
  • Strategic Planning for Risk Management
  • Loss Control Services
  • Claims Management and Client Advocacy
  • Program Coverage
    • 501(C)3 organizations
    • Senior centers
    • Food banks
    • Shelters
    • Substance abuse recovery facilities
    • Community action agencies
    • Counseling programs
    • Recreation centers
    • Handicapped workshops
    • Group homes
    • Community housing
    • Churches and religious centers
    • Family service agencies
    • Youth programs and organizations
    • Sports organization
    • Others

Wichert Insurance social services specialists are dedicated to helping you so you can help others. With a full array of products and services specifically structured to meet the unique needs of non-profit agencies and social service organizations, Wichert delivers insurance coverage that gives you peace of mind and financial protection.

Contact One of Our Specialists Directly

Denise Arison Denise Arison
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
330-920-8625 x 5301
"Email me" <denise [at] wichert [dot] com>
Mindy Brabham
Lancaster, OH
740-785-9434 x 2109
"Email me" <mindy [at] wichert [dot] com>
Brad Bush Brad Bush
Westerville, OH
614-426-9040 x 6224
"Email me" <brad [dot] designproins [at] wichert [dot] com>
Tracy Combs Tracy Combs
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
330-920-7649 x 5215
"Email me" <tracy [at] wichert [dot] com>
Sherry Cooperrider Sherry Cooperrider
Somerset, OH
740-836-3117 x 3325
"Email me" <scooperrider [at] wichert [dot] com>
Dale Dixon Dale Dixon
Lancaster, OH
740-785-9428 x 2101
"Email me" <dale [at] wichert [dot] com>
Mary Jo Garner Mary Jo Garner
Medina, OH
330-764-3529 x 4222
"Email me" <maryjo [at] wichert [dot] com>
Janie Geis Janie Geis
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
330-920-8640 x 5302
"Email me" <janie [at] wichert [dot] com>
Travis Jordan Travis Jordan
Medina, OH
330-764-3523 x 4203
"Email me" <travis [at] wichert [dot] com>
Matt Mahaffey Matt Mahaffey
Lancaster, OH
740-785-9430 x 2104
"Email me" <mmahaffey [at] wichert [dot] com>
Maria Norman
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
330-920-8626 x 5300
"Email me" <maria [at] wichert [dot] com>
Roger Perry Roger Perry
Westerville, OH
614-426-9044 x 6229
"Email me" <roger [at] wichert [dot] com>
Kathy Thuener Kathy Thuener
Medina, OH
330-764-3531 x 4228
"Email me" <kathy [at] wichert [dot] com>