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Towing Insurance

from Wichert Insurance

The Wichert Difference

Wichert Insurance has over 25 years of experience working with towing, recovery, and garage operations across the Midwest. Our knowledgeable staff is up to date on industry issues, and they are experts in the coverages your operation requires. Our relationships with multiple AM Best "A - Excellent" rated carriers allows us to offer competitive rates and interest free monthly pay plans. As active members of state associations, we are industry advocates and reliable resource.

Our Services

The Wichert Towing Team's experience and expertise allow us to create custom programs to meet your individual needs. From light units to Extra Heavy Rotators; from single location to multi-state operations, we will craft a program to meet your risk appeptite at the most competitive rates. Our in-house loss control/safety personnel help you with driver training and other safety related topics, and our local claims service help to advocate for prompt and successful claims resolutions Our customer service team insure prompt customer service for your day to day needs (certificates of insurance, policy changes, billinngs, etc), and they also assist you with your federal and/or state filing management.

Loss Control and Safety Programs

Clients who engage in loss control and safety programs benefit from lower insurance premiums, increased profitability, and reduced accidents, injuries and claims

At Wichert, we offer in-house loss control specialists at no additional cost to inspect facilities and operations to identify ways to reduce risk

Loss Control

  • Identification of unsafe and hazardous work practices and conditions
  • Review of claims history for loss trends and/or issues
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for risk improvement
  • Development of customized safety training programs
  • Compliance reviews for FMCSA and OSHA regulations
  • Resources and Content, which include newsletters, policies/procedures, Templates, vendor discounts