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Public Entity Insurance

from Wichert Insurance

Wichert has an extensive history of serving public entities. A thorough understanding of the risks and potential liabilities of governmental entities helps Wichert’s seasoned professionals analyze each entity’s current situation and develop appropriate risk management strategies.

Wichert offers specialized programs for:

  • Townships
  • Municipalities
  • Counties
  • School Districts
  • Water and Sewer Districts
  • Park Districts

As a leading broker in Ohio, Wichert understands how the characteristics of each of these entities shape the risk transfer approach and requirements. By compiling data from more than 18,000 Ohio public entity claims in RiskMaster®, Wichert can analyze loss history and develop loss control programs targeting specific entities or activities.

RiskMaster® Data

  • Turns data into knowledge
  • Specialized inquiries
  • Used for claims analysis
  • Reduces exposure and loss
  • More than 18,000 claims
  • Almost 30 years of data
  • Lowers insurance program costs

Wichert Management Team offers:

  • Carrier Strength and Specialty Options
  • Risk Management
  • Knowledge for Underwriting Representation
  • High-Level Team Account Management - 5 Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters (CPCU)
  • Advocate in Claims Administration

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Contact a Specialist

in Public Entities Insurance

Denise Arison - 330-920-8625 x 5301
(Cuyahoga Falls office)

Brad Bush - 614-426-9040 x 6224
(Westerville office)
Tracy Combs - 330-920-7649 x 5215
(Cuyahoga Falls office)
Dale Dixon - 740-785-9428 x 2101
(Lancaster office)
Janie Geis - 330-920-8640 x 5302
(Cuyahoga Falls office)
Kevin Howell - 740-836-3114 x 3330
(Somerset office)
Aly Larson - 330-920-8643 x 5210
(Cuyahoga Falls office)
Matt Mahaffey - 740-785-9430 x 2104
(Lancaster office)
Maria Norman - 330-920-8626 x 5300
(Cuyahoga Falls office)
Rich Studenic - 330-920-8624 x 5205
(Cuyahoga Falls office)
Tom Wichert - 330-920-8621 x 5307
(Cuyahoga Falls office)

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