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The Wichert Perpetuation Solution

Wichert Insurance has established a platform for the successful transition of independent agencies into the Wichert umbrella of support and service. With a proven track record of continuity, client and employee retention, and improved profitability, Wichert provides an unsurpassed perpetuation opportunity.

  • Improved Carrier Relationships - With more than 15 major carriers, Wichert brings strength and knowledge to the management of carrier relationships. Preferred status with key carriers also improves profitability and increases the options that can be provided to clients.
  • Level the Competitive Playing Field - As large corporate insurance companies expand their reach further into the core of the independent agencies’ business, Wichert can provide local agencies with the competitive strength to retain their clients with outstanding products and service.
  • Expanded Client Services and Product Opportunities - Within the Wichert umbrella, we provide a full range of business and personal insurance including specialties in public entities, towing, trucking, social services, health insurance, employee benefits and contracting. Wichert expands your opportunity to service clients with additional products and improved pricing and coverage.
  • Back Office Support - The Wichert home office assumes full responsibility for all back office processing and operations, freeing your agency employees to focus on increasing sales and customer service.
  • Technology Platform and Support - Wichert has aggressively invested in technology and knowledge that allows smaller agencies to operate with the service platform typically seen in much larger competitors. With 24/7 service and web capabilities, Wichert ensures that automation, staff training and technology are leading-edge.
  • Employee Retention - The true value of your agency is the relationships you and your staff have with the clients you serve. In an independent third-party survey, more than 80% of Wichert clients surveyed valued their relationships with agency staff as the number one reason for doing business with Wichert.
  • Forward Thinking Solutions - Wichert Insurance Services has thoughtfully approached agency perpetuation. Wichert recognizes the intrinsic value of the small agency feel and supports that high-touch customer approach with leading edge technology and resource management.