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Our Approach

Wichert Insurance

Wichert Insurance's risk management process is a unique approach to traditional insurance procurement. Our process is designed to uncover risk exposures from your day-to-day business operations.

We work with you and your team to understand your business and help you identify, measure, insure, and control your risks. Our comprehensive risk management process helps identify factors and solutions to manage risk beyond insurance coverage alone.

Wichert's strategic process creates risk solutions tailored to your individual needs. We work with clients with full-time risk managers, and we act as outsourced risk managers for many others.

Some insurance providers sell insurance on price alone, turning an important risk management process into a commodity. At Wichert Insurance, we stand apart by immersing ourselves in your business to:

  • Gain insight into your organization
  • Identify and understand your actual risks
  • Identify and understand your risk control methods
  • Assess your appetite for risk

We use the information gained during the process to deliver risk advice and servces tailored to your business that you can rely on.

A diagram of our risk management process, described below

Our Risk Management Process

Step 1 – Discovery

We immerse ourselves in your business. This allows Wichert to identify your risks, controls, areas of strength, and areas in need of assistance.

Step 2 – Diagnose and Develop

With the information developed from Discovery, we diagnose any areas of concern and develop a plan. This includes identifying the risk management services to engage risk financing/risk transfer techniques that will work best for your business.

Step 3 – Execute

Once we have developed your profile and a plan to manage your risk, we expertly execute our risk management strategy and related plans.

Step 4 – Monitor and Advocate.

We continuously monitor and evaluate your risk management profile and program. When claims happen, our team advocates for timely and fair outcomes. We are truly your partner in risk management.